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See Iceland Here–

April 24th, 2012 No comments

  Ví is a leading news and entertainment website. It is hugely popular and one of the first news websites in Iceland.If you want to know something about Iceland, might be your ideal choice.
  There are lots of current time video on the web, if you want to download, Flvgrabber specializes in grabbing streaming from website, including all formats of sound and video. With its fast downloading speed, you will successfully save those video you want to your PC.

Just some steps to show how to use Flvgrabber:

  In order to grab video and audio from audio music stream by Flv Grabber, you must have Flv Grabber installed. Once Flv Grabber installed, launch the grabber program.

Click the triangular “start” button , run the software

Click the “Setting” button,you can set the container and other items.

  When Flv Grabber find Visir stream data, it will grab the video, and save video data to your PC automatically.

  If you can’t understand after reading the article, link here to watch a video tutorial: